Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Working Hard in Edaytown

On the second day of my school holidays (20th June), mummy brought me to Edaytown 星期八小镇. Edaytown is China's version of Kidzania where children get to play-pretend and role-play different types of occupations. I have actually been here last year in one of my school field trips but it was too crowded and I only managed to take part in 2 occupations. 

This time, we took the opportunity to go before the local school holiday started (holidays for international schools started a week earlier) to beat the crowd. Mummy chose the afternoon session (3:30-7:30pm) on a weekday and it was a good choice... the whole place was quiet and nearly deserted. I didn't need to queue up at all and was the sole participant in most of them. Even with all the time saved from queuing, I still managed only about less than a quarter of the 48 available occupations in this "theme park". 4 hours is just too short! 

Hanging around with the Edaytown mascots before the gates opened at 3:30pm for the second session of the day.

First stop... cashed my cheque at the bank

My first job - a scientist at 3M

Fire-fighter! This was really fun because I got to ride in a mini fire-engine...

... and put out some fake fire in a "burning" building

Briefing at the airport

Little miss air stewardess :)

We went into this plane and took turns becoming flight attendants and pilots. There was a flight simulator inside too. 

Biotechnology researcher at Yakult (Just ignore spelling mistakes on the board. It is a common sight here). 

Looking under the microscope. After finishing my "research", I was given a bottle of Yakult as reward! :)

Sushi chef

See, being the only participant, I got all the attention to myself!  

Cacat-looking cucumber sushi made by... err, who else? :p

Played doctor-doctor at a children's hospital.

I was the sole participant again and some of the very kind facilitators paid me the wages of those not around too. I sometimes got paid 5x the usual wage ;)

Volunteered at a recycling plant

Loving nannies in a nursery... mummy kept persuading me to try this but I refused. I preferred something tougher and more rugged....

.... like... a security officer! @-@

Off to the bank to load/unload money

Heavily armed. Don't play-play! ;)

Finally, I chose to work in the Hi-Chew candy factory

It's fun being a candy maker!

I was given a small pack of chewy candies after completing my task there.

I had so much fun and earned so much money (Eday currency) that I asked mummy for another  future visit. Well, let's see how first. Entrance fee is not cheap! RMB150 (RM75) for child and RM50 (RM25) for accompanying adult. Maybe we should go home and try Kidzania first :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Goodbye, Grade 2

In the blink of an eye, I've completed another academic year here in Shanghai. Last Wednesday, 18th June, was my last day of Grade 2. A few days before that, there was a prize giving ceremony in school. Daddy and mummy were invited to attend this event because I was a recipient of an award...

My classmates and I were all gathered in the gym when mummy arrived at school....she took a peek and stole a shot from behind the door :p

Chatting and playing with my bestie, MY, while waiting for the event to start

There were performances from some of the Co-curriculum Activities (CCA) too. For the 2013/2014 academic year, I joined Junior Soccer, LEGO Club and Junior Choir. For being in the choir group, I got to perform on stage....

Singing "Sing" (from The Carpenters) with my choir friends

Traditional Chinese musical instruments performance... mummy was so mesmerised by the charm and gracefulness of the performance that she made me pick this for my CCA next year!

I won an i4C award.... for possessing and displaying the following core values: initiative, care, commitment, collaboration and communication. 

Proud moment with my class teacher, Ms Mary

Yay, school's out and I will be enjoying a very long holiday until the new academic year starts on 25th August. Looking forward to our hometrip next month!

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Typical Saturday Outing

Every Saturday, when the weather permits (no rain), we like to go out for jalan-jalan. Sometimes, we explore new places of interest (tourist attractions) but on most days, we prefer to go somewhere not too crowded. 

A few weekends ago, we went to a popular shopping area in the city called Jing'an Temple. This is how our typical Saturday outing is like...

Jalan-jalan, take photos... Jing'an Temple in the background. We didn't go there to visit the temple but went shopping in the surrounding malls instead :p

Jing'an Temple (静安寺 "Temple of Peace and Tranquility") was first built in 247 AD in the Wu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. Originally located beside the Suzhou Creek, it was relocated to its current site in 1216 during the Song Dynasty. The current temple was rebuilt in the Qing Dynastybut, during the Cultural Revolution, the temple was converted into a plastic factory. In 1983, it was returned to its original purpose and renovated with the Jing'An Pagoda completed in 2010. Source: Wikipedia

With jalan-jalan, comes makan-makan as well. We usually have simple meals of either rice or noodles. For this outing, we had lunch in a sushi shop so we had both :)

More jalan-jalan after eating. The streets here are lined with lots of pretty flowers!

Flower walls... aren't they lovely?

Monster wall... err, this one not so lovely :p

Afternoon tea is a must-have too. The McCafe here serves very yummy macarons!

We usually head home after tea and have dinner somewhere near home (or sometimes we buy takeaways and enjoy dinner at home). 

Monday, June 2, 2014

You Don't Need a Reason to Laugh

Daddy and mummy were laughing over something funny (that was beyond my comprehension). Their laughter was kinda contagious because I also started laughing along too...

Me: Hahahahaha!
Mummy: What are you laughing about? 
Me: When I hear people laugh, I also want to laugh. People laugh for a reason, I just laugh for no reason! *grins*

LOL!!! Like that also can @-@

They say that laughter is the best medicine so... just laugh lah! :D

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Cheerleader

Backdated post: 4/4/2014

For this year's International Friendship Day, we have been practicing hard in our Dance and Drama classes for a football-themed musical production titled We Are One. This was also in conjunction with the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. We sang and danced to famous football songs and samba-style dances. It was a very lively and colourful show! 

There were only two roles for everyone in this special concert... we were either the footballers (the main casts with acting roles) or the cheerleaders (the rest who sang and danced in the background). I was a cheerleader...

Me in my red and yellow cheerleader jersey... cool, eh?

On the actual concert day... eager to go to school!

The concert was held in a theatre quite a distance away from home. Daddy took time off from work to watch me perform.

... show the world we are one!

Here we go... ole ole ole! Go, go, go... ole ole ole!

The colourful ensemble

Zoomed in from afar... I was actually smiling at the camera haha!

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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