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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hotel From Hell

*Note: This is a journal of our experience and NOT a hotel review. Therefore the name of the hotel will not be mentioned here. If you would like to know the name of the hotel, do leave your email in the comments box or if you have mummy's email/Facebook, do drop her a message :)

Recently, mummy bought a hotel package from a "discount company". At only RM135, the package came with a 2D1N stay in a hill resort, a 4-course dinner for 2 and a buffet breakfast for 2. After paying and securing the booking, daddy and mummy decided to read some online reviews about the hotel. Bad mistake. They should have done this before buying the package, not after. Lesson learnt. Some hotel reviews rated the hotel 6/10 but some individual reviewers gave the hotel very, very terrible remarks.

One of mummy's friends (who have stayed there before) even told her to bring our own bedsheet and comforter! Mummy knew then, that we were in deep trouble. Daddy and mummy prepared themselves for the worst. However, things turned out to be worse than the worst that they had expected! Yes, it was THAT bad. Although they have stayed in many budget hotels before, none of them came close to this *HORROR*. The following photos will do the talking...

We were given a 1-bedroom studio apartment. The apartment building looks ok from the outside, but inside, it is far from being ok!

The wall of the carpark... mummy thinks this looks more like a scene from a horror movie. Yucks-o-meter 1/10

The whole building is very old, rundown and ill-maintained and every single wall in the building has hideous stains such as this. Yucks-o-meter 2/10

Everywhere you look, you will either see moss or brown stains!

The one and only lift. It is... *holds breath*... awfully and nauseating-ly stinky! Yucks-o-meter 3/10

The corridor leading to our unit... pathetic! Yucks-o-meter 4/10

Eye-sore and horrid! Yucks-o-meter 5/10

Totally mouldy and moss-y! Yucks-o-meter 6/10

Our room... overall damp and dusty. Don't believe?

Here's the evidence... mummy ran a piece of tissue paper across the headboard of the bed and this was what she got. Yucks-o-meter 7/10

The living room... the cushions on the sofa look worn out and dirty *geli*. I was forbidden from sitting on it after my bath :p Yucks-o-meter 8/10

The tv... this was the channel (it's TV2, there's no cable tv, sorry) with the best reception and it was in black and white, extremely grainy and the only sound we could hear was zzrzzrzzrzzrzzrzzrzzrzzrzzrzz. We turned off the volume and watched blur, silent tv for 10 minutes. After that, we gave up and turned it off for good hahaha! (If not for Super Trio, we wouldn't have bothered watching it at all) 

The balcony *no eye see*

The bathroom looks at least 3 decades old and has a hole on the door... sad!

The 4-course dinner turned out to be an economical fare of white rice with a selection of 4 dishes... chicken kurma, "kembung" fish, chilli omelette and stir-fried "kangkung". While we tried our best not to complain about the food, the sitr-fried kangkung was just too "sandy" (not thoroughly washed) for us to accept. Sigh! Yucks-o-meter 9/10

It was a sleepless night for daddy and mummy. While I snored peacefully between them on the very crammed queen-sized bed, both of them did not (and could not) sleep a wink. Daddy complained that his pillow was smelly. Mummy complained that it was too cold (about 16C although no air-con or fan) so the both of them stayed up the whole night, reading their books until 4am... *yawn*

The following morning, we went for our free buffet breakfast. We told ourselves to focus on the positive and hoped not to encounter or see anymore yucky things. As we were eating, both daddy and mummy caught a whiff of something unpleasant at the dining table. It was a foul "cockroach smell". They thought the smell was from the table cloth so they moved somewhere else but the smell still lingered on. When mummy lifted her cup and took a sip of tea, horror of all horrors, she discovered that the foul-smelling cockroach stench was from her cup!!! There, specks of black and brown stains were seen on a few parts of the cup. How could mummy not see it??? Mummy immediately felt sick to the stomach. She had a tummy discomfort the whole morning.

Utterly disgusting! Confirmed from this cup. After removing the cup from the table, the smell was gone. Gosh, mummy ate cockroach sh*t! Yucks-o-meter 10/10

Yucks to the max! How in the world did this hotel get a rating of 6/10? Mummy could not find one thing good not-unpleasant about this hotel where she could award 1 point to. All she can say is, this hotel is totally unfit for human occupancy!

While daddy and mummy couldn't wait to FLEE from this horrible place, I, on the other hand, was blind to all the ugliness and flaws. I even commented "I like this hotel... I want to come again!" Daddy and mummy *roll eyes* *shake head* *slap forehead* LOL!


  1. I thought that day i go Malacca the hotel is BAD. Looks like yours is worst.

  2. oh my god...u board a pirate ship already.( siong jor chak shuen).. i thot mine at malacca is unbearable, but urs totally not fit for human..

  3. I'm sorry about the bad experience, I didn't see a hotel in the pictures, I saw scenes for horror flicks. Eerie and gross....

    We are very picky on the hotel we choose, this one is 101% no go for us. Thanks for sharing it. We'll be aware if we are going for hill vacation.

  4. Oh i saw this deal and tempted to buy which I did not at last. Anyway, I think you can opt for refund from the discount company since you are not satisfy with it.

  5. Pls put the name here so that we wont go to this hotel anymore. if it was me, surely i will change hotel already. no need waste time.

  6. Sorry to learn of your bad experience. I'd like to second LittleLamb's request.

  7. You've GOT to put the Hotel's name here. You have all the pictures to prove your story so pls share the name of the hotel. It will help the others to NOT fall victim to this horrendous place!

  8. Eee.... no wonder you said hotel from hell... =_=

    Seriously I think the management also no eyes see already......

  9. I will never purchase hotel stay from those discount companies. I usually read the comments first. So sorry to know bout your horrible experience.

  10. Oh gosh I think I'll keep sneezing whole day. I stayed at Genting Amber Court before, it's a horrible place too.

  11. the 3 of us in the office are literally screaming in disgust while looking/reading this @_@ ... summor eating breakfast! *blah

  12. From the building structure and so on, I guess you guys went to Cameron Highland for holiday. Your bad experience is very similar to my experince in Langkawi last year, we only took toast as breakfast though they served us buffet breakfast. Now I see your bad experience at hotel from hell, mine was still not as bad as yours.

  13. oh dear this is really bad .... :(
    where la ??? so next time we won go ...

  14. It is that worst, really bad experience. I think I would pack and go home sleep . I think the deal is still ON in the coupon website.

  15. OH NO!! This is bad!!! Cameron Highland? Which hotel? I think the hotel not doing good, that's why they put on the deal!!

  16. What a bad experience. I just told myself yesterday too...NO MORE 'discount companies' deals!!! Very misleading! I just had a bad experience too..but makan deal!

    The mould and the exterior outside the unit looks terrible. The worst of the worst award would go to the cockroach experience!!!

  17. Poor you! I read and felt so geli already *shudder*. If they wanted to save funds on painting and improving the place, they could at least have clean beddings and clean eating utensils. But on the bright side, luckily no extra "guest" that night :-S.

  18. I know which hotel you're referring to! Actually, I've stayed there 3 times before. It was a few years back and I didn't eat there.

    It was a little run down at that time (just about my minimum std! We had about 10 pax so couldn't find other places) but not as horrendous as your photos.

    After reading your post, I'm def not going again!

  19. i saw this package too .. hihi, thanks for dropping by and leave me a comments .

  20. Hi hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) First time here too :)
    Ewww the hotel is horrible!!! Luckily you got a full refund but still!?? I like your yucksometer :)

  21. oh dirty....i think ghost would love to stay there also
    which malacca hotel is bad? better let me know la...being a clean freak, I won't stay, and won't let my 2 yrs old daughter contract dirty virus. The price is too heavy to pay. Luckily ur daughter big lau and is ok. To bring her there again definitely is a big no-no for you!

  22. gosh the hotel is really in a terrible shape. don't understand how they can still advertise. could you pls let me know the name so that i won't even go near to this place :P my hubby is thinking of going to fraser's hill for a short break but i've heard all kinds of stories about this place like the whole place is haunted? *yikes*

  23. Really terrible loh. How on earth did they manage to stay in operation till now? With such maintainance n cleanliness level? *eeeyer*

  24. can the management still operates this hotel ?? Laughing at your sentence when u said TOTALLY UNFIT FOR HUMAN OCCUPANCY. hahahaha .....

  25. is called Ambxx Court..then have a alot Gxxxh story about it..


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