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Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Bookworm

I love books. I love them so much til I can't control my urge to eat them. I think I have some of the most delicious looking books around...
I'm not sure if mummy is doing the right thing by buying me attractive books. Seems like she is trying to instill good reading habit in me from young. However, the more I look at a book, the more tasty and tempting it looks to me. Very often, I will drool all over it too.

When nobody's watching, I like to sneak a corner into my mouth to bite and chew on it. Everytime mummy sees me doing that, she will get a little mad and utters something that goes "No, no, no, blah blah blah...". Knowing my appetite for books, she doesn't leave me alone with them anymore. But when dad babysits me, this is what happens...
Mummy always tells him to keep an eye on me but I think he prefers to keep his eyes on something else... the tv, his books or his laptop. Let's just say, the corner of his eyes aren't as efficient as mummy's.

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