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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What is NO?

Dearest Mummy,

May I know what exactly does “No” mean? Do you realize that you repeat this word once in every 5 minutes? Why do you always say “No” when I:

- learn to open the car door while daddy is driving?
- stand right in front of the television to watch Barney close-up?
- help you mop the floor with my tongue?
- want a taste of everything you are eating?
- use your mobile phone to practice my throwing skill?
- prefer your flabby thigh or daddy’s arm to a teether?
- quickly hide my fingers in my mouth because you tell me they are dirty?

Why is this word so overused yet I don’t understand what it means? I hope I will find the answer soon so that mummy, you don’t have to say or grumble or yell “NO!” to me anymore.


Your confused little girl

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