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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

15 Months Old

I am 15 months old today. Though I'm still very much the same compared to last month, here are some of the more apparent changes in me:

- I can walk steadily and run wobbly. I've almost totally forgotten about crawling. Almost, because when mummy is mopping the floor and she warns me not to walk around as the floor is slippery, I still remember to go back to crawling.

-My 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th (canine) teeth are halfway out.

- At home, I MUST follow mummy wherever she goes. I have "separation anxiety" only at home. When we are out, I don't care if she is out of sight.

- I am mummy's little helper. I like doing things for her, helping her to put away stuff and picking up my toys.

- During reading time, I can perform actions when I look at the pictures and listen to mummy's narration. E.g: flap my hands when I see a butterfly, touch my hair when mummy reads "The princess has long, golden hair", make the "sshhhh" sound when the fireman puts out the fire etc.

- I can recognize the front door of my home.

- I am quite friendly. I will wave "hi" to all the children I meet, including those in the television.

- I've developed an annoying habit - crying loudly and waking up daddy & mummy as well as the neighbours almost daily between 1-3am.

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