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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Flashback 3 - The Birth

The magic date arrived and passed without me showing any signs of wanting to greet the world. So, in order not to prolong the waiting, mummy decided to induce me on the 13th of August 2006, 2 days after her EDD.
About to deliver... anxious but eager

At 8am, she was admitted into the delivery suite. Shortly after that, she was put on drip to induce labour. Her contraction started immediately at 2-minute intervals. Then the doctor came to break her water bag. Ouch! At about 9:30am, an anaesthetist came knocking on the door like a peddler to ask if mummy needed an epidural. Without hesitation, she said “Yes, please!” And then the waiting continued... in a more relaxing and bearable condition.

She could even sleep after having the epidural

At 12pm, mummy was 5cm dilated. At 1pm, she progressed to 9cm! This was it. The nurses started “transforming” her bed to prepare for pushing. After about 10 minutes of pushing, I popped out of her with the help of a vacuum. I was a whopping 4.39kg / 9lb 11oz bundle of joy. Mummy’s jaw dropped instantly because my estimated weight was just above 3kg in her last scan a day before.

Goo-goo ga-ga... Daddy, mummy… I’m about to flip your world upside-down. Heh heh heh….


  1. First time here.
    Aww... look at those photos. Just too cute!

  2. 4.39kg?? wow! you are a trooper!

    her face really change a lot since birth to now.


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