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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Potty Training Part 1

After months and months of unsuccessful coaxing from mummy, from sitting on a small, plastic potty to a big, ceramic potty and after a long series of disappointments and frustrations, I finally decided to give her undying persistence a glimmer of hope. And so, in the last few random days, I managed to dump my load into this big and real and adult "poo-poo pot". *smiles proudly*

Hey, you! No peeking, please!


  1. Never let my girl poo or pee on adult toilet bowl. She usualy do her business on her potty. Hubby even ask me bring along her into toilet, let her watch how mummy doing in there. Well I think have to wait till she can inform us she had poo, going to poo or wanna to poo. Now just have to let her get use to potty.

  2. Since very young, she used to poo when we put her in in her potty... but at about 10 months, she changed suddenly and refused to do so. She didn't like the small potty and prefers this adult toilet bowl... and she used to just sit for fun until recently, she realized she has to poo in it.


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