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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meeting with friends

I met 2 new friends today: Wyson and Ashley. Our mummies are online buddies. We met for dinner in Jusco, Seremban 2. Aunty Ivy surprised mummy with a birthday cake. It was a yummy mango cake and I ate almost a whole slice. Wyson the cake lover ate 2! And he’s only 3 weeks older than me.

Aunty Vicky came much later. While mummy and the aunties chatted the night away, daddy took the job of babysitting me. I was very, very attracted to this Fun Cart that was seen all over Jusco. Once I got into one, I completely REFUSED to get off.

Although I couldn't communicate with my little friends, I still had lots of fun. I had fun staring at them, observing them and touching them once in a while.

L-R: Wyson, me, Ashley


  1. Yes, we did. We want to meet u someday too. It'll be nice to be friends with your Chloe.


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