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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A week in Seremban

Daddy had to attend a meeting in Penang from 27-31 Jan, so mummy and I left for Seremban where I spent a week at my grandparents'. With lots of grandparental love & attention plus new things to explore, I enjoyed every second of my stay there.

I love to climb up the lazy chair. I actually climbed almost halfway up the backrest and miraculously, it didn't fall or topple over but mummy's heart almost did *sneaky smile*

This front grill is fun. I can either climb it or shake it. The loud clanging sound is music to my ears.

Every afternoon, I took my nap on this comfy and cooling canvas bed, 100% handmade by gung-gung.

I also loved running around the front porch... All these are the simple pleasures that are not available in our home.

I also broke a few things in the house, tore the newspaper and other paper stuff, threw things around and created lots of mess, walked around the neighbourhood, went gai-gai in Jusco and Tesco, kept "sticking" to my gung-gung, learned new letters/words and sang new songs (taught by grandma), ate a lot and poo-poo a lot and many more...


  1. Ahh...great memories...Aunty Debbie also spent time with your grandpa and grandma and your mummy when I was young!:)

  2. How nice to go back for a week! Aunty B.Sien oso wanna follow..... Did u go look for Aunty B.Sien's old house?
    CNY is coming. Remember to ask mummy to organise gathering so that you can collect ang pows...


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