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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Letter from Mummy

Today I received a letter from mummy:


First of all, mummy feels sorry that mummy has to “abandon” you and leave you in the care of Mah-mah when you need mummy the most (when you are unwell). Please understand that it is NEVER mummy’s intention and desire to send you away and be separated from you. Mummy is also sick and needs to be away for treatment.

Whenever mummy thinks about our temporary separation in the weeks (and probably months) to come, it hurts mummy more than anything else.

Since you are now going through a growing and learning spurt, not being able to teach you and nurture you will be one of mummy’s biggest regrets. Hopefully we will be able to make up for the lost time together as soon as possible.

For you and daddy’s sake, mummy will fight the illness and win the battle… no matter what. Mummy promise! Meanwhile, you be a good girl and don’t give Mah-mah a hard time, ok. Lastly, mummy wants you to know that mummy’s love for you is indescribable and infinitive.


Love, Hugs and Kisses,


  1. Lily, what is going on? are you okay?

  2. Dear Chloe Mummy,

    You must be tough OK…
    Be strong and fight it with courage. Have peace and feeling good about yourself will lend you strength and greater mind to go through this hardest time.

    Fight it through!!! There will bright & shinny days after.

    I pray for your wellness every moment from now on. I also pray that Brother will have great patient and wisdom to go through this with you. I wish both you well and feeling good all times.


  3. Huh Hweili what happen. Anyway wish you speedy recovery. Take Care!

  4. Chloe has been a good girl. Yeh-Yeh, Mah-Mah, Koo-Ma, Koo-Jeong, Koo-Koo, Jie-Jie, Gor-Gor.. .all will be there for Mummy and Chloe. Both Mummy and Chloe are 'cow'... not easily weakened! Hiak!!

  5. Thank you, everyone. Please don't worry cos mummy is not worried at all. Mummy b-o-l-e-h!


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