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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Broke My Teeth

Mummy did not come and see me in the last two days. Today when she finally came to see me, she cuddled and smothered me with kisses all over as usual. I think she always missed me more than I missed her. In the midst of our bonding, she suddenly cried "Oh dear!" Mummy must have noticed my chipped front tooth (right central incisor) at a very first glance. "Open your mouth, show mummy your teeth... show... show" she kept repeating.

Upon close inspection, she found out to her horror, that the left one too, had a small corner chipped off. Yes, I now have two slightly broken front teeth! Neither Mah-mah nor Yeh-yeh realized what happened or how did it happen so this still remains a mystery to daddy, mummy and them. Only I alone know what happened but I don't think I'm going to tell...

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  1. Oh dear, you must be very sad and angry. Hopefully you can take care of her ASAP.


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