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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Frown is My Smile

We celebrated Mah-mah's belated birthday today (actual date 17/4). It was a happy occasion and I showed my happiness... by frowning.

I frowned when Nelson koo-jeong kissed my hand...

I frowned when we took a family photo.

I frowned at the cake...

I frowned while helping Mah-mah to cut the cake.

I frowned after eating the cake.

I frowned when I was being photographed again and again...


  1. LOL wat make her so upset? Can't stop laughing seeing her photos.... hahaha

  2. Haha... funny hor? This is my favourite expression... when i'm concentrating on something, be it playing a toy, reading a book or watching tv, i always frown like this too...

  3. I think Koo-Koo and Koo-Jeong snapped too many pics that you got so irritated with the flashlight :p

    But where's the one you were smiling when Koo-Jeong kissed your hand? :D


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