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Friday, May 2, 2008

A Day in MV

Today, I finally experienced the longest shopping trip in my life. Daddy was on leave so we decided to go to Midvalley for a stroll. We left home at about 10:30am... and came back close to 10pm! What did we do there? Well...

Playing with toys at departmental stores is a must-do activity in every mall trip. This is me playing the Elmo Driver at Robinsons.

Kiddy rides is also a must - it's my favourite. At the kiddy amusement centre in Jusco.

Lunch at Tony Roma's... I turned down mummy's home-cooked porridge for this yummy plain bun.

I walked until I was so tired, I sat on the floor and refused to walk any further (maybe I'm also attracted to the clean, smooth and shiny floor at The Gardens).

I took a 3-hour nap on my stroller. When I woke up, it was almost dinner time. After dinner, we continued walking until our legs screamed "stop", until there was no more spare diaper in the bag and until we realized we all needed a bath before it was too late...


  1. Woh what a long shopping day. My gal never nap in her stroller.

  2. u very 'geng' leh...really a shopping fanatic lah, remember last time at sunway , u also 1 whole day there??

  3. This is the spirit of a true shopaholic haha...
    Ivy, looks like we both "yau tak fight" :p


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