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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slow Hair Growth

No, it's not growing fast enough... compared to my peers, who can have theirs tied up in cute little pony tails.

At 7 months

At 13 months

At 20 months

I only have this much hair now, at 20 months. Well, looking on the brighter side, I do appreciate my thin, baby hair:

1. It's cooler, especially on a hot day.

2. Use less shampoo. So far, I'm only halfway through my first bottle of 200ml baby shampoo!

3. Hair dries faster after a bath.

4. No need to comb hair.

The disadvantage:

1. I look like a boy.


  1. Haha well done Hweili. My girl is same like Chloe less hair and look like boy.

  2. Ya, Hi5 vicky! Our Chloes do have lots of similarities!


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