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Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the Magic Words are...

When I am not in the mood for photography, I will not co-operate (with the cameraman) no matter how much coaxing is done. I will just ignore the camera... until I hear something that interests me to perform the action:

Mummy: BB, smile.
Me: (ignore totally, look elsewhere)
Mummy: Look here, B.
Me: (ignore totally, play with my books)
Mummy: Look at the camera.
Me: (ignore totally, flip-flip my books)
Mummy: Hey, smile!
Me: (ignore totally, continue to flip-flip my books)
Mummy: Smile la... how do you smile? Show mummy...
Me: (ignore totally, do anything BUT look at the camera)
Mummy: Where's the camera?
Me: (ignore totally, pretend I didn't hear a thing)
Mummy: Make ugly face

Well, that's me.


  1. Wohyoh! Reverse psychology didn't work eh?

  2. LOL good face expression Chloe.

  3. Seems like you are having as much fun as me. It shows from the big smiles on your face.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. same like me...i call philip bbbbbbbbb too :)

    gam-bah-teh ya


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