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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Day

It was daddy's company's Family Day at The Mines Wonderland.
It was my first time in a carnival-like atmosphere.
I met hundreds (or was it thousands?) of uncles, aunties, jie-jies and kor-kors
It was fun.

Posing with daddy

Posing with the mascots

Riding the choo-choo train - this was my favourite!

This was my favourite too - the inflated playland

Uncle Clown made me a doggie balloon. Wearing daddy's cap. Cool or not?

Enjoying the loud-loud music!


  1. Chloe, hoped u had a great time :)

  2. why oni poses w daddy.... watever happen to mummy.... hold d camera nia ah?

  3. eh, i baru mau tengok which company ur hubby working with..mana tau sudah kena XXXX..hahaha


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