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Friday, August 29, 2008

My 1st Pizza

Today, for no particular reason, daddy and mummy decided to order pizza for dinner. Mummy took one of my books and showed me the picture of a pizza. I felt excited that I was going to taste a real pizza so I kept saying pizza, pizza, pizza the whole evening! Finally, the pizza delivery boy came…

Mmmm… looks yummy. Let me try it first… (digs finger into the topping/BBQ sauce and tastes it)

The verdict: Not nice! Dowan (don’t want)… So daddy gave me another flavour, which to them, was very yummy but to me, it was simply… NOT NICE! Luckily I've already had my dinner...

Remarks from mummy: *Shakes head* You are quite a fussy little eater, aren’t you? Everything to you is not nice but mummy is not angry… in fact mummy is glad that you don’t fancy outside food or junk food. Mummy is glad that you prefer and always finish up the nutritious meals that mummy cooks for you. Way to go, girl!

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  1. Wuah..what a coincidence..haha! So, does Chloe likes pizza now? :P


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