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Sunday, August 24, 2008


I fell sick today. It all started with a tummy-ache. By nightfall I was down with a mild fever. I was at Mah-mah’s house and spent the night there with her.

The next day, daddy brought me to see Dr Ooi, my paediatrician, because I was still feverish on and off. Dr Ooi checked my throat and found out that I had a mild throat infection. Then we went home and I ate my medicines co-operatively without any fuss (thanks to Barney on tv).

At 3am, mummy touched my forehead and got worried. She reached out for the ear-thermometer and the reading was 39.8C. I asked for some milk so she made 7oz for me. I finished the whole bottle. 5 minutes later, it was time to take the fever medicine. I refused to take it and made a big fuss.

Daddy got up to help. Despite the gentle coaxing from daddy and mummy, I still stubbornly refused to take the medicine. Mummy had no choice but to force-feed me. As soon as the medicine trickled down my throat, it came back out instantly… together with the 7oz of milk and water that I’ve just taken! Big mistake. I told you so, ma.

Poor mummy had to clean up the mess on me, the floor, the bedsheet and mattress at 3am+. Meanwhile, I also refused to go back to sleep. I wanted to read book instead *mummy faints* I kept asking for my Strawberry Shortcake book. So mummy made a deal with me… I had to take my medicine 1st… I agreed. I swallowed the medicine reluctantly and got my book… and later dozed off to sleep on my own.

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