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Friday, August 1, 2008

The things that I learned in Ah Ma's house over a week:


Drinking from a ceramic cup on my own without spilling the content or breaking the cup

Putting on a dress on my own... but inside out, front side back.

Helping Ah Ma to sweep the floor every morning

Folding a paper plane all by myself after observing daddy several times

Reading a complete sentence in one of the Smart Reader books.


Potty training. I am aware of my bowel movements and can tell when I want to shee-shee or poo-poo. However, I also love the secure feeling of a diaper too much and I'm not willing to go without it yet. Coaxing me to sit on the potty is mission impossible. I will cry, scream and wrestle with the person who tries to put me on the potty. On the same night, I will cry in my sleep, putting the blame on the "potty nightmare".


The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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