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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

Today is also Daddy's birthday. It is extra special for him today because next year, his birthday will not begin with the number "3" anymore hehehe. Whatever that number may be, he will always be my young, most-adored and beloved daddy!

We spent the whole day gai-gai again. We left home eagerly at 9:30am. This time, we went to The Curve/Ikea/Ikano/Tesco.

At the kids' corner in the Ikea Cafe.... I play here very often so I feel very at home here. As soon as I enter the play area, I will grab a stool and help myself with the toys. Daddy and mummy usually sit nearby so that they can keep an eye on me as they enjoy their meal.

Mummy taught me to say "Happy birthday, daddy! I love you." Daddy felt sooooo happy to hear those words from me.

An after-dinner chocolate-y treat... Royal Chocolate cake and Belgian Chocolate ice-blended at Coffee Bean.

After 13 hours and exhausting our supply of diapers, water, food (for me) and poorer by a few hundred ringgit, we finally decided to go home. We reached home close to 11pm (got stuck in a traffic-jam) and I took my bath at 11pm!! After taking my bath and a bottle of milk, I drifted off to dreamland almost immediately. Oh what a day...


  1. Happy Belated B'day daddy. Wah long fruitfull day leh 9.30am till 11pm :)


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