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Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is my first tang-lung (lantern). It is 100% handmade by Gung-gung.

Gung-gung brought me for a night walk around the neighbourhood as I carried my little lantern with me. I loved it very much (both the walk and the lantern). I pointed to the flame on the candle and said "Got fire".


  1. I'm assuming this is made by your paternal gung-gung :o)?

  2. Gung-gung refers to my maternal grandpa. I call my paternal grandpa Yeh-yeh :-)

  3. I see... maybe you can also ask your Yeh-yeh to make you a lantern as well. That way you'll have two! :o) I think your Yeh-yeh also knows how to make, yes?


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