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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Everybody says I am the spitting image of mummy when she was little.

Look alike or not?

From the stature, the hair, the frown and even the character, I am just like her in every way...


  1. haha look alike but Chloe eyes much bigger and round :)

  2. i always said chloe looks exactly you, but you said sometimes she looks like YH. send for LOOK ALIKE competition lor !!!! Sure WIN !!!

  3. Really lookalike :D

    p/s: is the word 'spitting' missing a 'L'? :-)

  4. Yeah, i thot it was "splitting" too but after checking the dictionary, it's "spitting" wor... funny hor?

  5. Yes, you look sooo much like your mummy...:) So you'll grow up to be beautiful like mummy too!:)


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