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Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Recovering

Today is Day 12 of my chicken pox. I am recovering... the pox have hardened and they are shedding. Everytime I scratch and accidentally peel off those crusty skin, I'll go straight to the bin and say "throw chicken pox away". Haha.

So far, I' ve been a really good girl. *Hugs and praises from mummy* Mummy says I've been a better patient than Daddy hehehe! I did not have any problems eating or sleeping well at night. Everytime I felt uncomfortable, I'd request for medicine and would lie still while mummy applied the medicine on me. However, I did cry and make a small fuss whenever I scratched and mummy tried to stop me. She's been very unreasonable (for not allowing me to scratch) and I found that very annoying and frustrating!

CP at its worst - 5th to 7th day

CP as of today - clearing slowly


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