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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kajang Country Heights

We had a family weekend getaway in Kajang Country Heights with Mah-Mah, Yeh-Yeh, Koo-Ma and cousin Hayley. We stayed in a 3-room villa which looked like this...

It's a nice place with lush greenery, scenic lakes and beautiful landscaping.

We also went to the Allamanda Putrajaya mall in the afternoon and drove around Putrajaya city.

In the evening, we went swimming in the resort's pool. It was fun! I refused to get off the pool and wailed loudly when daddy carried me up.

At night, we went to Kajang town for satay. I didn't like it. I couldn't finish even 1 stick! Mummy kept grumbling about my "poor taste" and my lack of enthusiasm in trying out new food.


  1. oooo i didnt know they r like hotel / resort? whereby ppl can go stay?? hmm let me check it out.

  2. Very nice villan and landscape. She is cute in that hat :)

  3. auntie rachel, not sure if it's opened to the public like a resort or not... My daddy is a member of the Country Heights Vacation Club, that's why we can stay there :-)


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