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Friday, January 23, 2009

Meeting My Cousins

I felt very eager and excited this morning because mummy said we were going out to meet two little cousins - Leanne and Pei Qi. Pei Qi came all the way from Melbourne.

Julie yi-yi came in the morning to pick us up to Auntie Wei Wei's house. I was very well-behaved and felt very at home there. However, I didn't know how to play with the little ones and just stared at them as usual...

Hello lil cousin, I wish I knew how to play with you...

3 little princesses...

After that, we went to Julie yi-yi's house and spent half a day there. There were soooooo many toys to play with! It was good to have a playmate although almost every item that I picked up got snatched away. I enjoyed every moment of my stay there.

In the evening, daddy came to fetch us home. On the way, we dropped by IOI Mall for dinner and did some shopping before going home.

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