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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hippo in Ipoh

Forget about the zoo, dad. I wanna go to Ipoh now...

Daddy went to Ipoh last week (30th Jan) to run some errands. It was a very short, half-day trip so he did not bring me along. Since then, I have been whining and moaning and making all sorts of noise to make him take me there. Even until today, whenever we are in the car and daddy asks "where are we going?", my answer will always be Ipoh, of course.

This was what happened last week:

Me: Eeeeerrr (whining)... go to Ipoh... go to Ipoh
Mummy: Go to Ipoh for what?
Daddy: What do you want to do in Ipoh?
Me: See the hippo. See the hippo and the elephant and the giraffe and the monkey etc......

Just because Ipoh rhymes with hippo, I have mistaken it as a zoo hahaha.

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