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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 4-Letter Word

Learning spelling while eating? Well, this was what mummy had in mind when she bought this alphabet biscuit for me from Ikea.

However, after digging and digging the packet for more letters, she discovered that there were only 4 letters inside. This was the only four-letter word that she could make...

Feeling rather "cheated", she took a closer look at the box and realized that the box was absolutely right! Printed on it were just those very 4 letters. It was her mistake for not being observant enough and for assuming that all alphabet biscuits come packed in A-Z. Therefore, the lesson learnt here wasn't spelling. The lesson learnt was "Be more observant!" Hahaha!

Don't fret, mummy. These biscuits are still good for eating!


  1. ooooo what a great sales strategy hor..

  2. LOL mommy you better go those pasar malam and get the chocolate alphabet cookies hehe

  3. Yeah, good sales strategy for the company but short-changing the consumer :-(

    Good idea, Auntie Vicky... kiddy cookies from pasar malam will be our next target!

  4. Aiyor.. because I miss out to read this post of yours, I also bought this ONLY-4-letter biscuit back!


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