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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing Up In The Playground

I have been playing in this playground since my baby days....

Was so cute last time (at 11 months). Now, not anymore hahaha!

Had so little hair last time. Now, not so little anymore (although it's still very short)

I pester mummy to bring me to the playground almost everyday. I love playing here because I always have the whole playground to myself! (Hardly see other little kids around) It is very cool, shady and windy anytime before noon. The equipments are also very clean and well-maintained.
However, mummy sometimes dreads bringing me here because I always refuse to go home.

All smiles at my "private" Happyland


  1. Seem not much children stay in your neighbourhood wor. It's good to be queen and own the whole playground haha.

  2. glad that she is accustom toplay ground. philip is not. because got no chance. when i m back home from work, its already night time..

  3. Got la, auntie Vic, just our floor alone, there are 3 other kids born in 2006.

    The problem is, they are not around during working hours cos all their mummies are working...


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