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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mah-Mah's Birthday

Today is Mah-Mah's 70th birthday. Daddy came home early from work to bring us all out for dinner. As soon as we reached Mah-mah's house, I wished her "Happy birthday" and "Sang yat fai lok". Mah-mah was so happy...

After dinner, we went home to eat cakes. Koo-ma bought a few slices of Green-tea Tiramisu cake and Durian cake. They were very, very delicious!


  1. Her purple t-shirt is so matching with Mah Mah. Happy Belated Birthday to your MIL.

  2. The outfit so matching with Mah-Mah's outfit :) Mah-Mah happy till can't see eyes dy.

  3. Ya wor.. didn't realize we wore matching outfits that day :-)


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