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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Morning Goodbye

For nearly 2 months, I have been consistently waking up quite early at 7am every morning. Every working morning without fail. Why?

... because I want to hug and kiss daddy before he leaves for work. Daddy must first kiss me to wake me up on my bed. Then I'll jump out of bed and follow him to the front entrance for a 2nd round of goodbye hugs and kisses.

What happens if daddy leaves for work quietly without waking me up? I'd cry, of course! Cry and cry and cry while whining "I wanna kiss daddy... Waaaaaaa... I wanna hug-hug daddy... Waaaaaaaa...." This happened a few times when I woke up, couldn't find him and thought he had left (but he was still somewhere in the house). *Mummy shakes head*


  1. Wah so manja of you and it's very sweet too :)

  2. my lil krys will cry & cry also, looking for daddy, wen daddy leaves to work on Sats. omg... pengsan me.

  3. same case happened at home, for my Chloe.
    Before we leave to work, we need to say good bye to her.
    If not, she will cry until my MIL called us, just to let her say good bye.

  4. Ooh... looks like I'm not the only manja one here :-)

  5. She's really a daddy's precious girl isn't she?


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