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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 1st Passport

Daddy was on leave today so we decided to get our passports done. Although we woke up quite late today, daddy eagerly said "Let's go and make our passports". He had to "renew" his expired one too. We went to the nearest Immigration Dept in Subang.

The first thing we did was to have my photo taken at the booth there. It turned out quite OK...

Luckily it was not very crowded today. We reached here at 10am+. There were 10 people ahead of us in the queue so we waited nearly 1 hour for our turn. While waiting, I got a bit restless after sitting down for a few minutes.

It was quite boring. I sat down, walked around, sat down again, played with daddy's watch, kacau mummy while she was reading the newspaper...

Mummy measured my height at the counter and it was 100cm! But she wrote 98cm on the form. It is better for me to appear taller than the stated height rather than the other way around.

Afterthat, we went out for lunch and ran a few errands. We went back to the Immigration Dept at 2pm to collect my very first passport.


  1. So the passport is done that mean the trip will coming soon loh :) haha so coincidance my girl got the orange colour crocs too but is pirated one haha

  2. Ya... a trip is coming soon. It's been delayed far too long liao :-p
    At the rate my feet are growing, it is only practical to wear these fake Crocs hehe... (stingy mummy trying to hide the truth)

  3. She looked older than her actual age. like so mature macam in the pic.. heheh.. big girl dy


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