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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Study Table

In the last couple of weeks, daddy and mummy have been hunting for a proper table for me do my writing, drawing and colouring. And for the longest time, I have been eyeing this cute cartoon-y set whenever we went to Ikea.

Everytime we came home empty handed, I would ask "where is my red chair? where is my red table??" Well, daddy has been postponing the purchase because the matching chair was always temporarily out of stock.

After a few attempts to get the complete set for me, there was still no sign of new stock for that little red chair. Not wanting to disappoint me again, daddy decided to buy the table first. That's how we came home with the table, without the chair...

Thank you daddy, but where is my red chair??


  1. Haha at first aunty though daddy is so stingy to buy you a chair.

  2. :-) Actually the standby stool is also from Ikea... borrow the "cousin" first hehe...

  3. a table is still better than doing everything on the floor... :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog... I add u on when I was blog hopping... :) Sorry if you do mind.... :)

  5. ah got study table de. so must rajin do homework given by mommy ok? hehehe :)


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