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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Play "Job-job"

Me: Mummy, afterturds I wanna play job-job
Mummy: What's that?
Me: job-job
Mummy: Huh?
Me: jooooooob!
Mummy: Sorry, I dunno what is that.
Me: Let me go and take it... (I know where mummy hides some of my toys now, esp those that she doesn't want me to play on my own)

Me: This one ar.....

Mummy: Ooooh... chop-chop.

Then she taught me the proper name for it although she didn't know what the proper name was. She just simply said "Ink and Stamps".

I quite like this set of Ink and Stamps. Everytime I play this, I will take the cardboards to line the floor without being told. While playing, I will carefully make sure I don't smear or dirty the floor and its surroundings.


  1. heyyyyy, where you guys bought this!!!! i want chop chop too!!!!

  2. Can find this chop2 in many places ma... This one mummy bought from a shop called Choo Choo Train in The Gardens @MV.


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