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Monday, May 11, 2009

My 1st Pet

Yay! I finally got my very first pet today. They are two red honey gouramis named Bubbles and Dorothy (named after Elmo's goldfish in Elmo's World).

My very first aquatic pet

I love to feed them. I keep asking mummy to let me feed them. I don't understand why mummy always refuses. She says we can only feed them twice a day. Everytime mummy says no, I'd cry...

But I wanna feed my fish. I wanna feed my fish, I wanna feed my fish...


  1. Dear Chloe,
    Fish can survive a few days without food. You can feed them once a day. You can feed each fish enough food to cover one eye. Don't worry, they won't die if you don't feed them often. They will die if you feed them too often.

    Uncle Niq

  2. LOL, such a lovely girl! When I was a kid I love to feed my goldfish too... till they 'kaput'!>_<


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