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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of Control

I like to play with this remote-control car although I don't quite know how to "manoeuvre" it yet. Just by simply pressing the buttons and seeing the car move in all directions is enough to make me happy.

Not only am I not able to control the direction of the car, I can't control my itchy fingers from snapping the antenna of the controller too...

Daddy gave me a long lecture soon after that. Here's a summarised version of our little "talk".

Daddy: Who broke this?
Me: Me
Daddy: Is it a right thing to do?
Me: Yes
Daddy: Yes??
Me: No
Daddy: Did you do anything wrong?
Me: Yes
Daddy: Give me your hand. Which hand broke it?
Me: *Sensing trouble, I kept my hands to myself and just said NO to the rest of the questions* No
Daddy: Is it this hand?
Me: No
Daddy: Give me your hand. Have to "beat-beat".
Me: No
Daddy: What no? Do you want "beat-beat" or do you want to stand and hold your ears?
Me: I want to stand.
Daddy: OK, stand and hold your ears...

Time-out: Little Miss Itchy Fingers serving her punishment


  1. Oh ,..... so kasihan lah ..... is the control car still working then?

  2. Wow..she really listens and served her punishment. That's good.

  3. Aiyoh poor thing... and mummy still got mood to quickly snap pic, hehe.

  4. we have the same remote car too, and krys broke the antenna too. blek!


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