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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Princess Sunnies

Yes, the Serial Spectacles Murderer got a new pair of sunglasses!

For many, many weeks, I've been begging mummy to buy me a pair of sunglasses. My reason? Daddy is wearing spectacles, mummy is wearing spectacles, I also want to wear spectacles.

This morning, I pleaded pitifully (almost in tears) to mummy "I want the Princess Sunglasses".

Mummy finally said OK and while we were out shopping today, she asked me to select one. I kept specifying that I wanted a Princess one but mummy didn't seem to understand my simple request and kept asking me all sorts of irritating questions...

Mummy: You want this Pooh one?
Me: No
Mummy: What about this Mickey Mouse one?
Me: NO!
Mummy: This Barbie one looks more trendy.
Me: Nooooooo
Mummy: Eh, this Tinkerbell one is also cute.
Me: I duuuuuuuuun waaaaaaaaaannnntttt!!! I said I want the Princess one!
Mummy: Ok, ok... Princess one (while thinking what a spoilt brat she has)
She "shortlisted" a few for me and I chose this one:

My purple Princess Belle sunnies

Happy at last...
Well, let's see how long this lasts before it gets "murdered"...


  1. Rm19.90 ar? I also wanted to buy for my son but like you said, scared get "murdered" within the same day.

  2. Yes, the rm19.90 one but now everywhere sales, got 10% discount

  3. I bought Cars-Lightening McQueen sunglasses for my boy at around the same price.. :)

  4. now i understand
    cos i bought a sunnies for Philip from Toy R Us..poof one. n i remembered u saying must properly take care otherwise murdered. true enough, it got murdered EVENTUALLY. sigh. no more buying until bigger.

  5. you are soooo cute, sweetie!

  6. Chloe looks so cute with her sunglasses...


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