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Friday, June 5, 2009


Today, when mummy saw the lid of the fish tank opened like this...

Mummy: Why is the lid open?
Me: *Just stared at her without saying anything*
Mummy: Did you open it?
Me: Yes.
Mummy: For what? (she expected me to say that I wanted to feed it)
Me: For ventilation (with every single syllable pronounced clearly and accurately)

Fuuh... I must have given her a very good answer because she was speechless after that. Hehe.

Well, you are the one who taught me this word, mummy. Remember... everytime when you open the sliding door and I try to close it, you will say "Don't close it. We need some ventilation in the house". You have said that so many times, of course I know what you mean...


  1. kena la you! ur anak so clever! hehe...

  2. hahahaha .... this is so funny! But I guess she is right too!!

  3. Haha...That's cute. I'm impressed with her speech development. Clever girl.

  4. Wow Chloe! You really fully understand the big word.

  5. aiyohhh...she is so funny lah...


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