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Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Einsteins Cake?

Okay, let's get straight to the point. Who can bake a Little Einsteins cake for me? Recommendations welcomed.

When mummy told me that I'm 35 months old today, I asked her "Is it my birthday today?" When told that it is next month, I started making requests... "I want Little Einstein cake for my birthday". Mummy was like "huh?" and told me that nobody makes Little Einstein cakes. Or could she be wrong??
Picture this in the form of a cake...

Ain't this cool? (Pic taken from Google Image)


  1. can lah, hwei li, but just a scan copy loh, makes from sugar der, u can place order at Secret Recipe mah, email them the soft copy of the little einsteins , but got extra charge lah, if not mistaken additional rm25...

  2. can actually print the pic out and order a cake from Secret recipe. They will put whatever pic you want on the cake. You can ask for more info from Secret Recipe.

    Haha...endless requests huh..hehe.

  3. Are YOU going to BAKE a cake??? Tak ajak oso? Let's make cream puffs... hahaha.....

    Eh... bakeries can make them lar... they just 'print' the picture onto a wafer and put it on the cake. Presto! You hv a LE cake!

    P/S: U can oso get a LE toy n put it on d cake... Lepas makan can play...

  4. Actually I know SR makes this cartoon layer but I thought they have limited pictures of Power Puff Girls or Looney Tunes characters... I didn't know that they accept customized copies as well. Will ask and see... thanks!

  5. You can print the LE pic and get Secret Recipe to print it on the cake. My 2 gals had their choice of cartoon printed on their b'day cake made by SR. It was beautiful.

  6. so now u know boleh, tunggu apa lagi, celebrate birthday no invite ah? hehehehe... jes kidding :)

  7. Of course tunggu la... i'm sure she's in the midst of changing her mind. Like now, she wants Choc cake with Milo topping.. wonder what's next. Her cheapskate mummy is thinking of getting her 3 cupcakes, fix 3 LE stickers on 3 toothpicks and cucuk on the cupcakes, that's all hehehe...

  8. Wah, so cute leh. And wow, so many recommendations for SR cake. Must try them next b'day.


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