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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Health Freak Mummy

My mummy is a health-freak. In addition to the fruit and veggie platters that she always prepares for me, she's also extremely fussy about the quality of food that we consume at home. She strictly controls what I eat and can't eat. I think she qualifies to be a health freak because:

- She invested in a Food Detoxifier to "detoxify" all our non-organic meat and veggies
- She tries to buy only "organic" meat - meat that are not too heavily tainted with drugs and chemicals. The meat that she always buys has the following claim:

- She buys organic (esp veggies) whenever possible
- She buys only whole grain, unsweetened cereals for me
- She uses natural and organic condiments like sea salt and sugar in her cooking, and also EV olive oil

- We eat unpolished rice (brown rice) at home and organic grains like oats, barley etc.
- We eat wholemeal bread or any high-fibre, brown bread

And the strictly forbidden food in our household include:
- Processed meat (like sausages, ham etc.)
- Deep-fried food
- Junkies (although once in a while, we do curi makan a bit)

However, she has a weakness when it comes to sugar. The 2 very sinful foods that she can't seem to get rid of are chocolates and ice-cream... She's still hoping that one day, they'd be gone too.

Sounds crazy? Well, this makes me wonder... is it my fortune or misfortune to have such a mummy? While she has no idea about how genuinely organic these organic produce claim to be, she still feels good feeding them to us simply because she only truly wants the best for us.


  1. Ohh...Chole, you have got a very dedicated mummy! How lucky you are.

  2. oh~ where your mummy purchase the meat? is it nice? how's the taste like?

  3. Swee Ping, the meat is bought from a meat (pork) specialty shop. It's called An Xin. They have 6 branches in the Klang Valley - Tmn OUG, Tmn Yulek Cheras, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Kepong Baru, Bandar Rawang and Tmn Megah (PJ).

    It tastes just like ordinary meat. We can't tell the difference :-)


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