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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Toys

Here are 3 of my latest favourite toys, all bought from Tesco (Tesco brand) at a bargain price of less than RM10 each (except for the Humpty Dumpty one).

They live up to their tagline "Murah dan Bagus"

The Wobbly Chef is the cheapest at only RM5.97. It looks very plain and boring but surprisingly, it is the most fun and entertaining one among the three. It is our (daddy & mummy included) favourite. It's been nearly 2 weeks since we got it and I still like to play with it every single day. The objective of the game is to balance all the food items on the two plates held by the chef. It is challenging because the chef has wobbly feet (it's a rounded base). A food dice is rolled to determine which food item a player picks. Through this game, I've learnt to sit through a game, follow instructions, adhere to rules, balance things and accept defeat (when I lose).

Next is the Humpty Dumpty Wall Game. This is the most expensive one, at RM11.07. It has the same concept as Jenga or Uno Stacko. The idea is to remove as many bricks as possible without making Humpty Dumpty fall. Although it is not as simple as it looks, I had no problem acing it after just one try.

And lastly, The Kitchen Kritterz, RM7, which is battery operated. Similiar to arcade games where you hit pop-out creatures with a hammer, this one has cute little mice popping out randomly from the stove. The frying pan has a digital counter to record the number of successful hits. Sometimes I will also use this frying pan to cook other things (from my masak-masak set) haha!


  1. The toys are very cheap!!! How come Tesco Seremban do not have these?

  2. mNhl, got la, 2 of the toys were bought from Tesco Seremban last week. Go search and see. Quick, before the offer ends! ;-)

  3. I like the last toy! So nice!

  4. i'm going to grab the toys for my nephews! and myself :P

  5. coincidently.. I was at Parkson yesterday and was looking at Humpty Dumpty!! I got play one day ok? :p

  6. hmmmmm... hmmmmmm... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  7. I didn't know that Tesco sale such nice toys ..... maybe I am too lazy to read instructions at the back :( But really nice toys you have there :)

  8. Wow...really fun toys you bought from Tesco. Cheap huh. Chloe is a clever girl lah. Gwen is impatient and she gets agitated if she couldn't play it right.


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