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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cupcakes Compensation

To make up for the less-than-perfect cake ceremony in Genting, mummy bought 3 cute cupcakes for me today, as replacement...

For our family, 3 is the ideal age for cupcakes - one for me, one for daddy and one for mummy.

Ffffffff.... ffffffffff... fffffffffffff... Believe it or not, I couldn't blow out the candles! (and I still can't blow bubbles) I only managed to sprinkle saliva on the cupcakes!

I ate the cake like I was eating ice-cream... by scooping it with a spoon. I demanded for a spoon because I didn't want to dirty my hands.

Not to be eaten...

And lastly, I think mummy went crazy. She threw away the BEST PART! The frosting was a tad too sweet (and colourful) so she forbade me from eating them. *Boohoo*


  1. happy birthday to Chloe :) She looks so happy gazing at her birthday cake :) Good idea of getting 3 nicely decorated cupcakes as no need to worry about the leftovers :)

  2. she is sooooo happy. can see from her expression

  3. Happy Birthday To Chloe!! One is enough for Chloe..hehe? Nice cupcakes by the way. :) You know what Gwen also can't blow bubbles and I was surprised that she could blow out the candles on her birthday with her mouth literally shut when she blows..hahaha(with alot of effort too).

  4. She so happy celebrate again with cupcakes :) So next year mommy need to buy 4 loh haha

  5. yeah man, soooo happy, grinning max... hehehe :)


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