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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun At The Peak

I celebrated my birthday in Genting Highlands. Although it was my 3rd visit there, I loved it as if it was a whole new place to me!

This time, we played in the Outdoor Theme Park. Me, the birthday girl, got a FREE entrance by flashing a photocopied copy of my birth cert. However, there were occassional showers followed by bright sunshine intermittently. Everytime it rained, we played the Indoor rides. Since it was a weekday, there was hardly any crowd. We didn't even need to queue up for most of them. We managed to cover ALL the children and family rides, some as many as 3 times!

Daddy and me on the Astro Fighter

The Flying Jumbo (Look, the whole ride to ourselves!)

On the upper deck of the double-decker carousel (almost the whole ride to ourselves)

Riding in the Tea Cup

Happily "feasting" on my kiddy-ride "buffet" (the whole ride to myself again!)

I even tried the junior bumper car for the first time! However, I was going nowhere... just kept turning round and round in circles haha!

The Rodeo Rider - This was the kid's version of the Space Shot (the one that glides up and plunges down in jerking movements). I couldn't stand the continuous jerking, shaking and sudden change in altitude . Within 20 seconds, my face turned pale and I looked like I was going to faint. Sensing something wrong, mummy quickly told the ride operator to stop the ride. I must thank mummy for saving me from this torturous ride. I didn't like it at all.

My two FAVOURITE rides were the Indoor Carousel and the Ride De Paris...

Checking my height on this Mr Caterpillar height chart... Looks like I'm already above 100cm!

After the Rodeo Ride, I fell sick to the stomach, literally. After nearly 10 hours of non-stop rides, I was overwhelmed, over-stimulated and over-thrilled (and maybe taken in too much air too). I lost my appetite and rejected dinner but daddy and mummy managed to coax me to eat a small bowl of rice with some fish and cauliflower. We even continued playing after dinner and took our last ride at 10:30pm!

On the way back to our hotel room, we happened to walk past a bakery and mummy couldn't resist buying me 2 cakes simply because there was a sign saying "50% off". However, we didn't have any matches or a lighter to light up the candles so I had to settle with just plain singing.

While eating the cake, I kept wincing and wriggling in discomfort. I told mummy I had a stomachache. Luckily mummy could read my about-to-vomit facial expression. The moment daddy scooped me in his arms and dashed me to the wash basin, I threw up everything, including the 8oz of milk I took just before eating the cake.

Phew! What a big relief! The discomfort was finally gone. I slept immediately after that... and very soundly too.


  1. i wanna go for the carousel ride too! but too big for it :P

  2. Am surprised Daddy's long legs can fit into the little rides :p We went on Saturday.. very peak time and the theme park so crowded with long queues. So, didn't really ride on anything.. mainly just walking. But it was great in the snow world ;)

  3. bravo !
    she can ride on the junior bumper car and Rodeo Rider.
    I didn't let my Jonas played it when he went there few months ago.

  4. Good timing to go the The Peak. Not many ppl huh. let Chloe went on The Rodeo Rider ah...I don't dare to let Gwen ride on it coz I think it's too much to handle hahaha..Chloe is a brave girl. Wow..she is very tall maybe inherited from her Daddy?

  5. aiyor, this wan too much ride till vomit de... adoi... but i bet she enjoyed herself to the max! :)

    what a fun birthday celebration!

  6. great birthday celebration u had little chloe.. how nice..

  7. Such a lovely birthday celebrations!

  8. Seronok nya... I've not been to Genting like for dinosaur ages dy!!!

  9. Wow, what a fun day!! :) :) :) I wanna go there too one day... and maybe we can go together some day too. ;)


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