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Friday, August 7, 2009

Moving on to IQ Puzzles

I love puzzles. I used to love jigsaw puzzles and all kinds of puzzles when I was younger.

Recently, Tai Koo-ma introduced a new IQ puzzle to me. It's called the "Traffic Jam" puzzle. Since I was quite interested in it, daddy bought a set for me too. I can solve a few simple arrangements. Just move the vehicles up, down, left, right, here and there.... done!

Sometimes daddy and mummy wonder if it's just a fluke or if I really know how to solve it.

Everytime I've successfully completed a challenge, I'll sing to Dora the Explorer's "I did it!" song... haha!


  1. Apa tu? What kind of puzzle is this? How is it considered solve? Hmm.. have never seen this before.. Must get Irene to get it for Ethan! LOL... Hahahahahhaa... Irene gonna smack me dy!

  2. i saw the same thing, but din buy though :) i saw at bookfair in mines le... hahaha... if i see, i buy ok makcik merryn!

  3. Wow .... it looks so complicated!! I have never seen this puzzle before .... but it definitely looks so tough to solve!

  4. smart ah. Very good. *clap clap*

  5. Her eyes are actually looking without any blink to see how I do, and next, she already knew how to solve. She already solved up to Level 3, and that is pretty fast for a kid so young like her. When done, she smiled and said 'NO MORE TRAFFIC JAM, AND ICE CREAM MAN CAN SELL HIS ICE CREAM'. So clever girl !!! Bravo !!!

  6. cute when thinking how's she sing the Dora 'I did it' song.


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