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Friday, September 18, 2009

Of Chopsticks and Finger Puppets

Look, I know how to use chopsticks!

I was cheating, of course, hehe...

... cos I was using a pair of training chopsticks that Koo-koo bought for me.

*Slurp*... eating noodles is much more fun now!

Koo-koo also bought these very cute finger puppets for me...

This little monkey, went to market. This little panda, stayed at home. This little tiger, had roast beef. This little elephant had none and this little zebra cried wee wee wee...

Thank you, Koo-koo! I like my presents very much!


  1. clever girl hah, know how to hold chopstick.. *clap clap*

  2. what a unique pair of chopsticks! My 10-year old son has yet to master the skill of holding a pair of chopsticks correctly while my youngest boy does it effortlessly.

  3. You're welcome! Glad that you like them :) Tell me a story with your puppets next time ;)

  4. hehehehe... wah, the chopstick very cute leh :)

  5. Wow, i really thought she has mastered the skill! The training chopstick very nice and useful, where to buy?

  6. thanks HweiiLi.
    Where her kor kor get this chopstick?

  7. I got the chopstick from 1Utama.. forgot the name of the shop (next to Homefix, selling stuff like pots, pans, deco stuff, cutlery etc..). They have them in all sorts colours and characters/animals for the top part but I chose particularly a giraffe for her (left only 1 then).

  8. I caught Gwen using the chopsticks when we were at a Japanese rest in SG hehe. Good job there, Chloe. Keep it up. I think I should get a pair of training chopsticks for Gwen too..hehe.

  9. Hello HweiiLi,
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog and thanks for the birthday wish to Sarah. Appreciated it.

    Chloe really good in holding the chopstick. I have saw it before from an online shop, but never know that it is so useful.

    Anyway, I have added your blog into my blogroll, don't mind ya.


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