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Thursday, October 22, 2009

1st Inter-city Train Ride

I took my very first "real" train ride today. Before this, I've only taken the LRT and kiddy train rides in amusement parks. Today, mummy brought me to Seremban by the KTM Commuter. Daddy dropped us off at the Subang Jaya station, on his way to work, early in the morning.

Standing amidst the morning rush-hour crowd... looking half-awake

Because the trains were delayed due to an accident where a vehicle had fallen on the tracks, special coaches were arranged to pick us up from this station. So, we didn't have to squeeze ourselves into sardine-packed coaches and even got available seats to sit on. How lucky!

Enjoying my train ride... I was so happy and excited!

All on board the choo-choo train, all on board to choo-choo train, all on board the choo-choo train, all aboard, all aboard, choo-choo!

I kept humming and singing this Choo-Choo Soul theme song sung by Genevieve on Playhouse Disney.

After changing to another train at KL Sentral, the train was even emptier. I could change places and sit anywhere I liked!

This pole also kept me happily occupied... I kept swinging around it like a monkey haha!

Overall, I was extremely well-behaved throughout the whole journey. I did not give mummy any problems at all. Upon our arrival at the Seremban railway station, Gung-gung was there to fetch us home.


  1. Learning pole dancing ah..hehe..just kidding. :P

    Chloe is such a good girl..very well behaved. Mummy can travel with her anywhere now. :)

  2. Chloe seems enjoyed the train ride so can bring her to places a little far next time...

  3. YX love train rides too. When it is not crowded, it is actually a very nice ride. ;-)

  4. u guys lucky lor, normally KTM packed like @#@$%!

  5. Travel with Chloe is such a breeze huh! Good girl...


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