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Saturday, October 3, 2009

City Park 2

Amidst the dark clouds and gloomy weather, we still went ahead with our plan to go kite-flying in City Park (in Seremban2) today. Luckily it didn't rain after all.

Watching daddy prepare the kite

Ready, steady... I was told to hold the kite as daddy moved further away to lengthen the string. When told to let go, I watched in awe, as the kite glided up into the air. Up, up and away!

Tug, tug, tug... See! That's our kite!

After some time, I got bored of it and asked mummy to bring me to the playground instead. Mummy brought me to the wooden bridge first, to see the fishes.

And finally, the playground...


  1. oh what a nice park and i like the colourful kite :D

  2. Whoa..the kite is flying!! Good wheather and windy too.

  3. U all are so lucky - could fly kite. Most of the time we went there, could only HOLD the kite in our hands. Because no WIND!!!

  4. the kite cantik lah, very colorful :)


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