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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

After watching some kids with their faces painted like cats on tv, I asked mummy "Why is their face like that?" Later in the evening, just before my bath, mummy asked if I would like to have my face painted like a cat too, and I eagerly said "Yes!" Using an eyebrow pencil, she came up with a very amateur, cincai version of a cat-face...



  1. aiyo, cute nyer!!!! hehehhee.. sooo very the cute lah! :)

  2. A very cutie meow meow who doesn't catch any rats in the house! hehehe... this reminds me the stage play/musical CATS!

  3. When you start your days at the kindy, you will get to have similar fun like this !! Wah ! your mummy is so clever, already do it in advance !!

  4. hahaha....mummy is coll! Paint your face like a kitty. Bet u enjoy it!

  5. Your cincai version meow meow looks great! So cute


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