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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh What a Day!

Today is daddy and mummy's wedding anniversary. It has been 9 blissful years! Daddy took a day off from work so that they could spend some time together. Of course, I got to tag along too! Not knowing where to go and what to do, they made an impromptu decision to rekindle their love in a little romantic place that they once loved to go... a day trip to Bukit Tinggi, now known as Berjaya Hills.

We took a slow drive there, which was roughly an hour+, and I slept throughout the journey.

Our first stop was the Rabbit Farm. I quickly sprang up from my nap as soon as I heard that we have reached the rabbit farm. I was very excited and I enjoyed chasing the rabbits around. I also touched and stroked them very gently. I simply adored them!

There were also a few donkeys there. What a coincidence! We have just played the Donkey card game yesterday night!! (refer the post below) The donkeys were very quiet and didn't make any sound so I asked daddy "Why they never hee-haw, hee-haw?" Haha!

After that, we headed off to Colmar Tropicale. After having lunch at L'Orient, a quaint little Indochine restaurant, we just relaxed and walked around the little French village. Luckily the weather was good but it was a bit too hot.

It was also my first time playing in a ball pit, in the Children's Room. It was really, really fun! Since there was no one else there, both daddy and mummy also couldn't resist diving into the pool of balls too. I loved it soooooooo much, I refused to leave! It was only after daddy promised to return here for a second round that I finally agreed to leave.

The Swan Lake... I enjoyed looking at the lovely swans but was afraid of them at the same time haha.

The place was very quiet and deserted. There was hardly any crowd there. From these photos, we noticed that the whole place was almost practically ours!

So happy!

Family photo, taken by a stranger.

The day ended with a very hearty and sumptuous meal at Daorae, a Korean restaurant near home. We had seafood "steamboat" with 12 side dishes. Yummy!


  1. aww....what a fun day. must be great to have the berjaya hill all to yourselves eh?

  2. Great outing. been there before long time ago. This place is so quiet huh

  3. wahhhh... happy anniversary to both of you yeah. so nice to have that place all to yourselves :)

  4. happy anniversary to chloe's mommy and daddy! :)

    we are planning to go to bukit tinggi next week to play with those rabbits too... :) mommy and daddy have been planing this trip since the last time i was there (about 8 months inside mommy's tummy)... :p

  5. hi.. coming by via mNhL blog..
    I never been to Bukit Tinggi yet, maybe too far for me to drive.. and furthermore, dont know the way too. Perhaps one day, while on the way to Gentings, i can drop by there.. must find a driver first.. hahaa...

  6. Happy Anniversary To YOu and Your Hubby!! Wah..what a coincidence!!!!! ;) You guys have the place to yourselves..great..not too much crowd. did something to your images eh..cannot view closeup..haha.

  7. Happy anniversary to you both and hope you'll have many more to come. How nice of your hubby to take leave to celebrate your big day.

  8. Happy Anniversary to your mummy and daddy!

  9. Happy Anniversary to you & your hubby! Smelling some cool breeze@Berjaya Hill is relaxing... Chloe seems love playing with rabbits there!

  10. Happy Anniversary to u & hubby. It was such a memorable outings. Chloe is a brave girl. I don't think YX will dare to touch the rabbit. And I love the ball pit! Looks like thousands of balls. YX will sure love them!

  11. Lovely post!

    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. :)


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