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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shopping Day

We went to 1 Utama today, our favourite Saturday hang-out place. We reached there punctually at 10am.

We have not been there for quite some time. After our long absence (of about a month), we noticed quite a few changes there... like, the Barney car has been replaced by a Barney choo-choo train!

Yay! Too bad, it was out of order *disappointed*

We had some Chocolate Truffles gelato as our mid-morning snack...

Mmmmm.... ate until my mouth was really "comot" all over!

One of our objectives of coming here was to renew our J-card and get the free teddy bear...

Mission accomplished... ooh I luuuuuurve my new Peace bear!!

Our shopping outing is never complete without browsing toys.

Helping myself to the toys in Jusco and ToysRUs

I had something new for lunch today. It was my very own self-decorated sushi at Sakae Sushi.

Heart and star-shaped rice with an assortment of colourful toppings. Included was those sweet and colourful icing toppings (usually for ice-cream or cupcakes). Weird, isn't it?

This set of meal kept me really occupied and I had more fun playing than eating...

Little chef at work...

... because the outcome was rather horrible and unappetizing!

Left: Mummy helped a bit with this so it was still quite ok. Right: And then I created the disastrous effect... too much ketchup!!

Who had to eat my unappealing masterpiece? No prize for guessing it right. I also spotted something cute on the conveyor belt and kept demanding for it...

Egg-face bunny with mango salad flower

After lunch, I took a nap on my stroller while daddy and mummy did some shopping. We later mall-hopped over to The Curve/Ikea/Tesco and continued to shop until........... well, until it was time to go home. Haha! We reached home at around 9pm *tired*


  1. Huh..only a month didn't go to 1U and you noticed changes. I've not been there for almost a year..I think.

    Chloe's sushi decoration is not bad lah. :)

    Wah...Mummy you must be very bored at home..hehe..weekends must go all out and shop right. :D

  2. do they have Thomas n Friend Train?

  3. U guys spend the whole day there!!!! The sushi is so interesting! Great to entertain the kids while parents can enjoy. hehe

  4. what a coincidence! we also renewed our jusco card, got the free bear and ate at sakae sushi on saturday...

  5. Woww....Chloe very good girl lah, she can shopping with mommy and daddy for so so long...

    For me, 2 hours is the max! Or else Sarah will started feeling home sick and wish to go home already.

  6. New menu @ Sakae Sushi? haven't been there for months... Must go back there and try the new menu... Looks you were having fun with theDIY sushi...:)

  7. Mummy Gwen, wah sure or not, 1 year never go to 1U? It's not that far away from your place ma... ;-)

    LittleLamb, I think 1U tarak Thomas la... that one must go to KLCC :-)

    mnhl, yeah, we are that crazy hehe. The kiddy sushi menu is new to us too.

    Leanne, oh REALLY?? So ngam hor? :-)

    Sarah's Daddy and Mummy, that's because chloe has been "trained" to lepak in malls since her fullmoon hehe :-)

    Linda, yes, it's a new kid's menu, I think... haven't seen it before too. It was quite fun... fun to play with, not eat haha!

  8. Wow, I really enjoyed reading your blog. 1 Utama is our favourite place too. Never knew Sakae Sushi has creative kids menu :)


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