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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day Trip to Ipoh

Since it was a long weekend, we decided to make a day trip to Ipoh to visit some relatives and indulge ourselves with some dearly-missed Ipoh goodies. We went in 2 cars, together with Mah-mah, Yeh-yeh, Koo-koo, Nel koo-jeong and Hayley jie-jie.

We woke up unusually early at 6:00am. We were supposed to leave home at 6:30 but dilly-dallied until 7.00. Hayley jie-jie kept me occupied throughout our 2-hour journey there.

My Melody dollhouse - one of the toys that kept us happily occupied in the car

We reached Ipoh just in time for breakfast. We had dim sum at Foh San. It was our first time in their new and swanky outlet. I ate 3 fishballs and a piece of ma-lai-gou (a type of cake/kuih). That's it. I wasn't interested in all the other weird-looking stuffs.

Enjoying my dim-sum at Foh San

After that, we visited some relatives. First stop was to Yee-Por's house. Then we popped over to Sook-Gung's house. This time, surprisingly, I was quite friendly and warmed up to everyone almost instantly.

Playing some toys with cousin Gabriel

After that, we had lunch in a seafood restaurant nearby. We also packed home some horhee (hor-fun with fish cake and fish balls) for dinner, together with some other goodies.

Yummy egg tarts and cream caramel

This was how I ate the tarts...

I ate only the crusts...

... and left the best part behind!

*Daddy and mummy shook their heads* and *grinned* cos that delicious custard (that I left behind) went into their tummies!


  1. the egg tart looks yummy, u should have tapao back for me lah, i loves to eat egg tart... wasted , wasted..

  2. Oooo...are you from Ipoh too? Wow, you are lucky to be able to eat at Foh San. We have been trying each time we go back to Ipoh but unsuccessful. It's always jam packed. You know what? Ashley's style of eating egg tart is just like Chloe. She only likes the crunchy part :D

  3. Wah..woke up so early for the trip.."geng" ah. You all went for a makan nice.

    Gwen would eat the whole egg tart. She is very "wai sik."

  4. My son too. ate the crusts and left the egg tart.

  5. hahhahaa.. my yinyue will eat the whole thing, like gwen, 'wai sik'.. =p everytime i wan to eat the delicious custard also no chance. u guys r lucky. :P

  6. Ivy: Ya lor, the egg tart is very, very laku one... later than 9am, sure habis. We sapu the last 24 pieces leh, so u say nice or not? :P

    MtC: Daddy is from the outskirts of Ipoh :-) As for Foh San, we stood and waited for about 1/2 hour :-( Haha, hi5 Ashley!

    MummyGwen: We actually do this quite often, at least once a year hehe. Crazy hor?

    Wyneth: Oh hi5 to Jonas too! :-)

    Connie: Like that baru normal ma, eat the whole thing. If mummy wants the extra custard, buy more for yourself la haha.

  7. Wow, not easy for kids to wake up at 6am for a day trip eh! The egg tart looks great. Yan likes egg tart, but I oni let her eat the best part ( isi) hehe, I sapu the crusts

  8. the best part is reserve for your mum hahaha

  9. haha... me too not really a fan of the filling... maybe I might change my mind after i tried this one...

    Usually if I have to leave the house very early in the morning, i'll get my kids bath and dressed in a comfy outing clothes the night before, and straight into the car the next morning.. still sleeping.. haha


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